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Short Term Coverage Vs Major Medical

Updated: May 24, 2020

Which is right for me & what’s the difference?

Understanding the difference between Health Coverages.
Major Medical Vs Short Term Health Coverage

An Affordable Care Act plan is just one of multiple options you can choose. You have other alternatives besides major medical insurance. You would now be able to purchase a temporary health plans or also called short term health coverage.

There are times when a short term health plan can be a savvy and reasonable option in contrast to standard annual health insurance plan, however you should realize that there might be restrictions attached with short term medical plans. These two kinds of healthcare plans can contain a large number differences on the coverage. Before your enrollment in a short term health insurance plan, it's critical to compare and contrast the differences with major medical health coverage.


Since the time the Affordable Care Act became law in 2010, major medical plans must follow certain guidelines & standards which consist of a large array of medical coverages.

Yet, short term coverage doesn't need to meet rules set by the ACA on the grounds that these arrangements are not viewed as major medical plans. ACA health plans are intended to be a longterm arrangement while short term plans make are an excellent decision when needing a temporary solution during a transition. Major medical health plans must cover pre-existing health conditions along with the 10 essential health benefits.

These are:

  • Preventive care (immunizations and wellness checkups)

  • Maternity care (Pregnancy including labor and delivery)

  • Pediatric services, and pediatric dental and vision

  • Rehabilitation services and equipment

  • Prescription drugs

  • Blood work & Lab testing

  • Mental health services

  • Hospital coverage

  • Outpatient, a.k.a. ambulatory, care

  • Emergency services

Short term insurance plans are not required to provide ANY of the benefits listed above, however nearly most provide services on hospitalization, emergency, medical & surgical procedures. The coverage also provides outpatient care and non-preventive specialist's visits. Health care insurance providers are additionally now offering medical plans (temporary health Insurance) with extended benefits. You may have the option to get inclusions for certain pre-existing conditions, prescribed medications, & treatment for mental wellness or substance abuse. These short term plans are not as comprehensive as major medical insurance plans, yet it provides relief from the financial burden of unforeseen medical expenses.

Duration and Renewal

Short term insurance plans have been available for the last 30 years. A three month limit was imposed by the Obama administration in 2017. This limit was then raised to just under 12 months (360 Days) by the trump administration. Both limits were applied to all 50 States at a federal level including those with less stringent rules. The rules imposed allowed short term medical plans to be renewable every year for 36 months. Major medical plans last a full year & renewability has no restrictions. These plans are available all year & may be kept by the client indefinitely.

An advantage to major medical plans is when they’re issued, it's guaranteed. A guaranteed issue is when they can’t deny you coverage for a pre-existing condition or health problems. Most health insurance policies are guaranteed issue, which means they cannot deny you coverage, however this does not mean they will cover the pre-existing condition.

Where do I find the right health insurance plan?

Many health Insurance agencies can assist you with finding health care coverage, however there are only a few agencies who carry multiple health carriers while they’re services are free of charge to you the consumer.

United World Care Health Care Coverage is one of the few who carries those top health carriers & offers they’re services completely free of charge. They will guide you by providing health insurance quotes, health plans & find you the best price for your needs & budget.

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