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Need help choosing a health plan? Speak to one of our licensed agents. They'll find & explain the health plans that are right for you. Our service is always free for the consumer.


United World Care has assisted consumers with finding the right coverage.

We will help find the right coverage for individuals, families and businesses. With the best private health insurance plans, you can compare inexpensive health care coverage like single health plans or save by bundling plans on the entire family. United World Care offers best health insurers in the country with health licensed agents appointed in 47 states. Find local independent health insurance agents to help you get complete insurance coverage at affordable prices. Through United World Care, you can compare health plans online, or speak with a licensed insurance agent for recommendations based on your needs. We are here to help you find the medical plans no matter where you live, at any time of the day. Our services are always user friendly & free of charge for the consumer.

Individual & Family

You have tried to find affordable health insurance, cheap health insurance, reliable health insurance coverage, even the best health insurance for cost. If you're shopping for a personalized health plan, you may have an idea of ​​whats wanted or needed from a medical coverage, but unsure of the exact product to search for. Here, you’ll find the health care insurance plans that you’ll most likely find anywhere else all in one place. 

Catastrophic Coverage

Offering a selection of accidental and critical illness plans so that your family feels safe when confronting the unexpected. These plans can help with daily expenses, which can accumulate while recovering from an injury. Expenses such as utilities, mortgages, rent & more. Catastrophic coverage will help offset th cost of these expenses to help stay out of debt.

Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance plans are more cost-effective for businesses. Employee premiums for personal health plans are generally less expensive. Premiums are paid with pretax dollars, which helps lower employee’s annual taxes. Employers pay lower in tax payroll when calculating yearly and can deduct these perks in their annual contributions towards taxes.

Knowing Your Health Coverages

Fixed Hospital Indemnity Plans

A hospital and doctor fixed indemnity insurance plan pays a set amount of cash for qualified medical services. This is money you can use to help plug the gaps in your main medical coverage. Pay for the deductible, apply for the cost of the prescription, or help keep up with the bills while recovering. Fixed Indemnity Plans can also be used as your main insurance no just as a supplement. These plans have zero deductible & an excellent choice for those who have a budget but still need great coverage.

 > Compare  Fixed Hospital Indemnity Plans

Short-Term Health Insurance

Short term health insurance options created for healthy individuals, families and businesses. Short-term insurance policies provide a fair safety net when switching from one life event to another without a comprehensive health plan. Short-term plans apply basic medical underwriting to determine if an applicant is eligible for medical coverage while also applying blanket exclusions on pre-existing conditions for the prior 12 months, meaning they do not cover any medical conditions for before the plan is implemented by up to twelve months, which is with the policyholder. 

 > Compare Online Short term Medical Quotes

Dental & Vision Coverage

Dental & Vision insurance is the coverage for general services, ranging from routine cleanings to major services (root canals). At best, it not only provides a budget for those dental services, but also helps you maintain a routine of good dental care. Vision pays costs towards glasses, contacts & yearly check ups. Vision coverage also provides discounts towards corrective services such as lasik & more. We also offer coverages on the very best networks like Aetna Dental Network, United Concordia & many others. 

 > Compare Dental & Vision Plans Online

Need help choosing a health plan? 

Speak to one of our licensed agents.

Supplemental, Fixed Indemnity & Major Medical 
Health Plans (PPO /HMO Health Plans)
Medical Doctor checking a patient's blood pressure paid for by her Health Insurance plan.

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Health Plans (HMO / PPO)

​​United HealthCare * Humana * Aetna * Cigna


Fixed Indemnity & Supplemental Plans 

Affordable Premiums & No Deductibles.

  • Limited Medical Health Insurance Policies

  • Multi-plan PPO & First Choice Health PPO Networks

  • Next Day Coverage

Short Term Medical Plans

Limited Medical Health Insurance Plans.

  • Choose Deductibles From $1,000 - 10,000

  • 360 Days Of Coverage

  • Elite Coverage Plans: Medical, Surgical & Hospital Coverage, (Inpatient & Outpatient care) 


Major Health Insurance Providers

We Offer Major Carriers & Licensed in 47 States

  • Humana & Cigna (Medicare Supplement - Part A, B, C, D)

  • American Online Benefits Group ( Fidelity, Express 360 & More)

  • Adroit (Chubb Plans,….)

  • National General (STM - Short Term & Hospital Indemnity)

  • IHC - Independent Holding Company

  • CareVantage Shared Savings Plans

  • Military Armed Forces Plans


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