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United World Care offers individual & family health insurance. Affordable health care plans with the right  coverage. Plans starting at just $199.

Catastrophic Coverage

We offer a variety of accidental & Critical Illness  policies  so  your family can feel secure when facing the unknown. These plans can help with the everyday expenses which can accrue quickly while you recover from an injury. 

Dental / Vision Care

UWC offers packages with sensible monthly premiums. Learn about our exceptional plans & insure you’re peace of mind.

Multiple Insurance Carriers Under One site.

Under individuals & families, Choose a carrier,

Select a health plan & receive an instant online quote or enroll in a plan. 

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Taking care of your health

Individual & Family Health Plans Begin Next Day

Our professionals will guide you with multiple health insurance quotes, help you pick a plan and get you started the same day, all within a five-minute phone call. UWC makes health enrollment simpler.

Catastrophic  Coverage 

With Peace of Mind

We offer a variety of Accidental & Critical Illness policies. You'll receive peace of mind knowing your families protected with the right accidental & Critical illness policy..

Top-Tier Licensed 

Insurance Agents

Find an insurance agent in your state. United World Care proudly serves clients across 37 states. We are one of the few who carry multiple health insurance carriers to give you more options with less stress.

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